Zlatko Dalić Joins Zvijezda as Brand Ambassador

Renowned coach Zlatko Dalić is now the brand ambassador for Zvijezda, marking an exciting collaboration. Alongside Fabris Peruško, CEO and board member of directors of Fortenova Group, Dalić signed a cooperation agreement with Zvijezda Management Team – Tomislav Alagušić, Dajana Mrčela, and Karmen Rosan. The partnership emphasizes mutual support for national success, combining sports and business excellence. During the signing event, Dalić and the Zvijezda team visited the production facility, where Zvijezda’s long-standing legacy and innovative products are produced.

Coach Dalić, who, after the success in Qatar in 2022 and the League of Nations runner-up title, is preparing for new challenges with the Croatian national team, emphasized on that occasion the importance of mutual support of successful people from different segments of society because this then encourages excellence in the entire environment:

“Just like Croatian football, Zvijezda is one of the strongest and most famous Croatian brands, which is why I am truly pleased to take on the role of its brand ambassador. It is a company whose products we live with all our lives and which have enriched all the most important celebrations in all our families, including mine. Being successful for more than 100 years like Zvijezda deserves respect and admiration. I can only say that behind every success, be it business or sports, there is always a lot of work and effort, responsibility, and willingness to learn and quickly adapt to changes. It is even more important to know that success is always the result of the joint effort of every individual in the team, including every employee who has been part of Zvijezda’s team during the long history of its business. Just like our football players, they are real promoters of Croatian success stories,” said coach Dalić.

“The greatest value of this collaboration between Zlatko Dalić and Zvijezda is not in the business synergy, but in the message we send about our joint commitment to strengthening national successes, regardless of where they come from. Through this, we build the global recognition of brands from Croatia, whether sports, business, scientific or cultural. This is also the reason why the Fortenova Group, as one of the leading companies in Southeast Europe, is the proud general sponsor of the national football association. Just like our successful football team, we cherish the values of teamwork and responsibility, we insist on excellence and innovation, and through this we continuously raise our own business standards and spread a positive influence on the environment,” said Fabris Peruško, member of the Board of Directors and chief executive director of the Fortenova Group.

“The passion with which coach Dalić performs his work, commitment to excellence and the inspiring role he plays in our national football team make him an ideal partner for our company and team. Our new brand ambassador and Zvijezda share the same vision of achieving top results and values associated with excellence, trust and loyalty and recognition,” said Tomislav Alagušić, president of the Zvijezda Management Board, when signing the cooperation agreement.

“Zvijezda’s products are present in every household, and it is our responsibility to ensure that their quality remains firmly on the list of champions. We secure such a position through investments in production development, innovative products, and constant improvement of quality, so we also associate ourselves with the best in our communication activities.” – said Dajana Mrčela, a member of the Zvijezda Management Board.

The partnership will feature various promotional activities, solidifying the shared commitment to excellence. Coach Dalić’s inspiring role in the national football team aligns perfectly with Zvijezda’s vision of achieving top results and maintaining quality in every household. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting collaboration!

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