History of one of the strongest Croatian brands dates back to 1959. That was the time when mayonnaise production was initialized in the Tvornica ulja factory, today known as Zvijezda. In the beginning, the composition was often altered with the objective of adjusting the quality and type to market’s demands. The local production went into full swing in the early 80's when a new line for continuous mayonnaise production started operation. Until this day Zvijezda has remained the only mayonnaise, margarine and vegetable fat producer in Croatia. The wide range of products enables consumers to choose the product which best suits their dietary wishes and habits. Innovations regarding recipes, development of new products, following world trends and consumers’ needs are basic guidelines of Zvijezda’s mayonnaise products.

Did you know?

More than 2 500 000 mayonnaise packages, of different sizes, are spent each December