Zvijezda is a food company which, in accordance with the latest nutritionist findings, offers products with a selective choice of fat adjusted to everyone’s needs.Zvijezda’s products are light, preservatives- and cholesterol-free, natural vitamins and essential fatty acids source.
Zvijezda lines of products: Zvijezda (oil, margarine, mayonnaise, sauces, salads, industrial margarine and additives, ketchup, olives, canned vegetables, vinegar, mustard, tortellini), Margo (margarine spreads) and Omegol (margarine spreads, oil and mayonnaise) are products with original recipes, special features and tastes, and they are a result of Zvijezda’s own research and work done by Zvijezda’s experts.

Zvijezda’s products are used by all generations: young families, business people always searching for quick and tasty meals, children with numerous school activities, and all those wishing for a healthy, low-calorie breakfast, lunch, light dinner, delicious excuse for snacks and good mood. With the introduction of the ISO 9001 quality management system, which is a part of the HACCP system, the entire work organization has been improved, as well as the product and service quality and the health and hygienic food safety control. Zvijezda’s products are of unquestionable and verified quality.