About us

Zvijezda has been at the pinnacle of the Croatian food market for over 90 years. With its product lines such as Zvijezda, Margo and Omegol, it meets the needs of even the most demanding consumers. Zvijezda’s products are made of natural, strictly selected high quality ingredients through technological processes which preserve all valuable substances.

Apart from products from its own production, Zvijezda distributes the following products under its name as well: ketchup, vinegar, oil for frying, pumpkin oil, additives, olives, canned vegetables and tortellini. It also distributes cheese produced by the Belje Company, olive oil and cheese produced by the Agrolaguna Company and products of the Dijamant Company.

Values of the Zvijezda Company products are authenticity, excellence and recognizability. Because of its own traditional recipes and high value ingredients, Zvijezda’s products are placed in the category of highly trusted products by consumers who find it easy to be loyal to them. Zvijezda’s kitchen is modern, innovative and always trendy and it has an attractive visual identity. Innovations regarding packaging and development of new tastes are a part of Zvijezda’s business objectives.

Zvijezda’s success on the market is the success of the entire team. All Zvijezda employees contribute to the quality of Zvijezda’s products, meeting the needs of modern people through their work, knowledge and skills.