Vanilla-flavored spread

For pastries with rich vanilla scent

This creamy vanilla flavored spread will make your brownies, cookies, cakes and other desserts soft and supple, and will provide them with that particularly pleasant vanilla scent. While preparing to bake cut the butter into smaller pieces to make it easier to soften and unite with the other ingredients. This will give your biscuits uniform softness and a full vanilla scent. Zvijezda’s vanilla-flavored spread is intended for anyone with a sweet tooth, particularly those that love the taste and smell of vanilla, and want their creams and sponges to have that final rich vanilla aroma.


  • Contains vanilla aroma
  • Ideal for the preparation of top-quality cakes, cookies, rolls and other tasty delights
  • Packaging: 250 g
  • Storing conditions: at temperatures up to 15°C


Energy value 2590 kJ/ 630 kcal

70 g
of which

Saturated fatty acids 37 g

0 g
of which

Sugar 0 g

Salt 0,4 g

Proteins 0 g


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Did you know?

Vanilla is used to give flavor to desserts, but you can also put it in dishes containing vegetables or meat as it will further accentuate their flavors.