Tartar sauce

Pickle and mayonnaise sauce

Tartar sauce is definitely one of the most recognizable addition to tasty seafood meals. It gives them light refreshing taste without which no sea specialty is complete. What makes Zvijezda tartar sauce special is its base, the well known and loved Zvijezda mayonnaise. Added with perfectly measured and harmonized spices, Zvijezda tartar sauce is a sauce few can resist.

  • The most famous sauce based on mayonnaise
  • Perfect side dish with fish and seafood, fried meat, cheese and vegetable
  • Served as an excellent addition to salads and sandwich spreads
  • Packaging; 165g, 330g, 2kg
  • Storing condition: at temperatures between 5°C and 8°C


Energy value 1449 kJ/ 352 kcal

36 g
of which

Saturated fatty acids 4,5 g

5,4 g
of which

Sugar 3 g

Salt 0,2 g

Proteins 0,5 g


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