Pickled cucumber

Juicy and crunchy pickles

Made from carefully selected varieties, Zvijezda’s pickles with its slightly acidic taste provide dishes with the necessary dose of freshness. They are an excellent addition to grilled meats and are an indispensable ingredient of French salads, but its crispness will also tempt you to reach for them directly from the jar. Zvijezda’s pickles are top quality and are ideal when making various types of spreads, sauces and salads.

  • Top quality pickled cucumbers
  • Packaging: 350 g, 700 g, 4000 g
  • Storage conditions: at room temperature, after opening keep in the refrigerator

Did you know?

Since they contain a large amount of water, pickles have very few calories which makes them a great side dish even for those who pay attention to their food intake.