Paprika fillet

Cooked peppers with spices

Zvijezda’s Paprika fillet is created by combining cooked peppers with carefully selected spices and comes ready for use as a stand-alone food or a side dish for a range of dishes. Whether it be grilled meat, freshly baked soft lamb or chilled pork, tender pepper fillets will enrich every dish with its slightly acidic flavor.

  • File red peppers
  • Packaging: 670 g, 700 g
  • Storage conditions: at room temperature, after opening keep in the refrigerator

Energy value 104,8 kJ/ 25,6 kcal

0,08 g

4,4 g

1,5 g

2,31 g


Did you know?

In order for peppers to be used longer, it’s important to make sure the jar is closed well after each use. To check if the jar is tightly closed, press your finger on the middle of the lid. If after removing the finger the lid bulges, the jar is not properly closed.