Omegol mayonnaise

Mayonnaise rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids

Omegol mayonnaise is a light mayonnaise with a creamy texture and low-fat content. It is used as a spread on bread, a basis for salads, an addition to sandwiches, or as a side dish with roasted and boiled dishes. It is made without any ingredients of animal origin and is therefore suitable for vegetarians and those who pay attention to fat intake. Omegol mayonnaise is the recipient of a V-label, a quality mark awarded by the European Vegetarian Union (EVU) for products made in accordance with vegetarian and vegan ethics. In its composition it contains no cholesterol and is rich in precious omega – 3 fatty acids, or more precisely, ALA fatty acids that help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels.

  • Light mayonnaise with reduced fat content
  • Rich in omega-3 fatty acids
  • Contains no ingredients of animal origin
  • Recipient of a V-label
  • Packaging: 165g
  • Storing conditions: at temperatures between 5°C and 10°C


Energija 1980 kJ/ 480 kcal

50 g
od kojih

Zasićene masne kiseline 4,4 g
Jednostruko nezasićene masne kiseline 30 g
Višestruko nezasićene masne kiseline 16 g

Prosječna vrijednost omega-3 masne kiseline (ALA**) na 100 g: 3,5g
**ALA = alfa-linolenska kiselina

6,7 g
od toga

Šećeri 2,5 g

Sol 1,3 g

Bjelančevine 0,5 g

Vitamin E 50 mg (417%*)

* % = preporučen unos


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Did you know?

Simptomi nedostatka omega-3 masnih kiselina su umor, slabo pamćenje, promjene raspoloženja ili depresija.