Mixed spread with butter

A harmony of juiciness and flavor

Zvijezda’s spread with butter combines all the benefits of margarine and butter. It is excellent for baking cookies and sponges because its use ensures fluffiness and juiciness, while at the same time providing an appealing aroma and flavor. Due to its creamy texture and easy spreadability, Zvijezda’s margarine with butter perfectly complements other ingredients, resulting in tasty cakes and uniform softness.


  • Margarine with added butter for cooking and baking
  • Combines all benefits of margarine and butter
  • Packaging: 250 g
  • Storing conditions: at temperatures up to 15°C

Energy value 2617 kJ/ 636 kcal

70 g
of which

Saturated fatty acids 38 g

0,1 g
of which

Sugar 0,1 g

Salt 0,4 g

Proteins 0,1 g

Fiber 0 g

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Did you know?

When preparing a sponge cake first make sure to mix margarine with sugar until you get a uniform texture. This will increase the volume of the cake, which will in the end be airier and lighter.