Margo light

Light spread with less fat

Margo light is a spread of premium quality and taste with 69% less fat. It contains vitamin D, which contributes to healthy bones and teeth. Margo light is suitable for all generations, especially for people who are concerned with fat intake.

  • 69% less fat
  • Enriched with Vitamin A, E and D
  • Packaging: 500 g
  • Storage conditions: at temperatures up to 10 ° C


Energija 925kJ/ 225kcal

25 g
od kojih

Zasićene masne kiseline 6,5 g

0 g
od toga

Šećeri 0 g

Sol 0,6 g

Bjelančevine 0 g

Vitamin E 15 mg (125%*)
Vitamin A 700μg (88%*)
Vitamin D 10 μg (200%*)

* % = preporučen unos