Green olives with red peppers

A combination of olives and red peppers for a better taste

This delicious side dish is produced though the selection of green olive fruits, which are then de-pitted and filled with a paste made of red peppers.
The pepper in the olive’s interior helps to alleviate and enrich the mild bitterness of the olive. Prepared in this way, they can be used as an addition to salads and ready-made meals or eaten alone as a quick snack.

  • Superior taste and quality
  • The ideal addition to salads and ready-made meals
  • Packaging: 350g/200g, 700g/400g
  • Storing conditions: in a dark place up to 20°C; refrigerate after opening


Energy value 503 kJ/ 122 kcal

13 g
of which

Saturated fatty acids 3 g

0 g

Sol 3,75 g

0,7 g


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Did you know?

In Croatia olives are mostly used for olive oil production, with only a small portion being used for the production of olives for eating.