Bolognese sauce

Bolognese sauce made with vegetables and tasty beef

Zvijezda bolognese sauce is made using tomatoes, tasty beef and carefully chosen sliced vegetables. It can be served alongside various pasta or gnocchi dishes and its preparation requires only a few minutes. Simply heat it up in the microwave for 1-2 minutes or cook for 2-3 minutes on the stove and your meal is ready to serve.

  • Pasteurized tomato sauce with added vegetables and beef
  • Packaging: 400g
  • Storing conditions: while unopened, store in a dry and cold place, protected from sunlight; after opening store in refrigerator and use within 4-5 days


Energy value 420 kJ/ 101 kcal

5,2 g
of which
Saturated fatty acids 0,7 g

8,3 g
of which

Sugar 7,1 g

Salt 1,3 g

Proteins 5,1 g


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