Black olives

Tasty, ripe black olive fruits

The delicious, firm fruits of black olives will complete every meal, but especially when added to salads, pastas, sandwiches or sauces. Zvijezda’s black olives are obtained by processing the ripe fruit, which conserves it and makes it less bitter, to provide a distinctive rich flavor, which will be enjoyed by all fans of the Mediterranean cuisine.

  • Tasty, firm, ripe olive fruits
  • Packaging: 350g/200g, 700g/400g, 2450g/1500g
  • Storing conditions: in a dark place up to 20°C; refrigerate after opening


Energy value 777 kJ/ 186 kcal

20,0 g

0,2 g

1,2 g


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Did you know?

Black olives are actually ripened green olives. Olives change their color from green to black as they mature.