Ajvar mild (chutney)

Made from the finest peppers and eggplants

Ajvar is a traditional Balkan winter food (zimnica), made of chili peppers, peppers and eggplant. It makes a great side dish and a perfect addition to every sandwich. It goes along with various roast meat, sausages and barbecue and finds its place in stews and sauces.
Rich flavor of Zvijezda ajvar blagi is achieved by carefully choosing delicious peppers, blue eggplant, garlic, oil and vinegar. The result of roasting, milling and stewing these ingredients is a tasteful, aromatic vegetable side dish, which is deeply in roots of our nutrition.
Main characteristic of a good ajvar is its soft and creamy texture achieved by carefully roasting peppers and choosing the right seasoning. Zvijezda ajvar has rich but mild taste, compact and creamy texture which makes it the perfect choice for every palate.

  • Made from the finest, carefully selected ingredients, lightly roasted
  • It contains cooked peppers, eggplant and a small amount of hot peppers and garlic
  • Packaging: 350 g, 690 g
  • Storage conditions: at room temperature, after opening keep in the refrigerator

Did you know?

Ajvar is traditionally made in the fall and stored in jars as a winter food that can be used all year round.