The concept of corporate social responsibility is based on the increasingly strong conviction that modern businesses have more and more responsibilities to their role in society.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) defined by the European Commission as ” the responsibility of enterprises for their impacts on society. To fully meet their corporate social responsibility, enterprises should have in place a process to integrate social, environmental, ethical and human rights concerns into their business operations and core strategy in close collaboration with their stakeholders in order to increase the mutual benefit of its customers, owners, employees and other stakeholder groups and society as a whole, recognizing , preventing and mitigating potential adverse impacts.”

The practice of CSR requires the creation of a Sustainability Report according to the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines. The report includes three basic components by which enterprises have impact on society as a whole: economic, environmental and social.
Internationally agreed standards enable information to become available and comparable, and it can have following benefits:

  • Building trust
  • Encouraging change
  • Transparency of business operations
  • Building corporate reputation
  • Easier access to capital

Zvijezda recognizes the value of corporate social responsibility and, since 2009, participates in sustainability reporting – reports are made for each two-year period since then.

In the context of social responsibility, Zvijezda is especially proud of its work with people with disabilities, both by adaptation of workspaces to its own employees with disabilities, as well as through cooperation with the Inkluzija Association, through which, for almost 10 years now, it employs 10 people with intellectual disabilities.

Featured honors and awards:

  • In 2008. Zvijezda was awarded Employer of the year in the category of large companies for persons with disabilities thanks to the use of innovative practices in the recruitment process and integration of people with disabilities
  • In 2011. Zvijezda won the Key Difference award in the category of equality of persons with disabilities