Zvijezda’s primary goal is to meet the requirements and needs of consumers and customers for its products, respecting the legislation and taking into account the quality and safety of products and protection of living and working environment.

Business quality

The quality of Zvijezda’s business relies on integrated management systems (ISO 9001, HACCP Codex Alimentarius, IFS Food, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 50001, Kosher, RSPO i ISCC EU), which are implemented in Zvijezda d.d., and are strategic management tools.

The quality of Zvijezda’s products and business processes is confirmed by certified management systems and product safety is based on good manufacturing practices and HACCP system, through risk monitoring and preventive action in all processes that comply with the applicable regulations of Croatia and the EU.

By investing in new technologies and monitoring of nutritional and health trends, Zvijezda’s goal is to provide the market with superior products, with the rational use of resources and energy as well as effective waste management.
Zvijezda’s permanent orientation is to maintain existing and develop new comparative advantages in order to ensure profitable growth and further development of its abilities with a goal of strengthening the dominance on the market and maintaining the satisfaction of employees, shareholders and management.

Environmental Protection

Zvijezda’s business policy and all development plans and projects include the requirements of environmental protection and energy efficiency as well as conservation of living and working environment in the context of sustainable development. By investing in environmental protection and energy efficiency Zvijezda invests in its own future and that of the wider community. The attitude towards the environment and energy efficiency includes:

  • constant monitoring and compliance with applicable regulations of Croatia and the EU
  • implementation of measures for continuous improvement of energy performance
  • procurement of energy efficient products and services
  • determining significant aspects and impacts on the environment and their regular analysis
  • setting goals and programs of environmental protection and energy efficiency in order to implement measures to improve technological processes with the ultimate goal of improving the system, total cost reduction and reduction of the impact on the environmental and energy efficiency

Through Zvijezda’s participation in the “Introduction of cleaner production strategy in the national economy of Croatia” employees were educated on the methodology of cleaner production, which is based on the prevention of waste and emissions emergence at the source.
The goal of introducing new technologies is to reduce negative impacts on the environment and to reduce the discharge of waste substances in water, soil and air. We are working on the optimization of consumption of energy and natural resources as well as the rational exploitation of resources. We are taking care of the elimination of toxic and hazardous materials and, wherever possible, substituting it with those less harmful to the environment and human health. With that in mind, we are collecting and recording waste by type and place of origin so we can manage it responsibly. Zvijezda proves its commitment to the management and preservation of the environment and employee care and community cooperation as it is placed in a group of socially responsible companies.