Its leading position in the market and status of one of the most successful Croatian companies Zvijezda owes to the value and quality of its employees.

Commitment to set goals and tasks, focus towards prosperity and progress of the company, flexibility and willingness to constant development are the main characteristics of our employees.

Comprehensive care for employees, especially their professional development, as well as a warm and friendly working environment characterize the organizational culture and vision of Zvijezda’s future.

All Zvijezda employees, regardless of the company level, that participate in any of the process and have an affect on the quality, are qualified on the basis of appropriate education, skills and experience.
Department of Human Resources provides all employees with different types of additional education, such as: foreign language courses, specific IT educations, professional seminars, in-house and team building programs, conferences and further education (undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies).

Zvijezda’s employees also attend the internal Agrokor Academy, within which high quality trainings, workshops and seminars are organized and implemented. This enables sharing of experiences and information among employees of all companies within the conglomerate and programs are focused on actual business challenges and daily practices.