Gnocchi with truffles and mushrooms

Ingredients for 4 servings:
  • 130 g truffles and mushrooms (squirrel’s bread)
  • 20 g dried mushrooms
  • 1 kg Zvijezda gnocchi
  • 80 g Zvijezda margarine
  • 250 ml cream for cooking
  • 30 g Parmesan cheese
  • Salt, pepper
First of all, soak dried mushrooms in a bowl of cold water to soften. Then put the gnocchi in a pot with enough boiling salted water and cook according to the instructions on the packaging. Meanwhile, in a saucepan melt margarine, add soften and drained mushrooms and fry a minute or two. Then, pour the cream into the pan, add the mixture of truffles and mushrooms, mix well and wait to boil. After three to four minutes season the sauce with salt and pepper, as desired and serve. Drain the gnocchi and put them on plates, sprinkle all together with some fresh grated Parmesan cheese and decorate with fresh basil leaves.