Vinegar is one of the basic food products and universal dressing which completes the taste of various dishes. Zvijezda’s apple vinegar, white wine vinegar, red wine vinegar and alcoholic vinegar are high quality products made out of carefully chosen, top quality ingredients gained through special technological processes during which all valuable substances have been preserved.

The name vinegar comes from French and it is a compound from the words vin or wine and aigre or sour. Basic vinegar ingredient is acetic acid or CH3COOH. The acetic acid alone does not constitute vinegar; vinegar results from natural products which contain sufficient amounts of sugar and natural process and it requires knowledge, love and a lot of effort. When it comes to the production of vinegar, the hardest thing is achieving continuously good results – excellent sensor characteristics. Vinegar differs according to the ingredient it is gained from, the aromatic plant it is refined with and the level of acidity.

Did you know?

According to a legend, vinegar was discovered accidentally – wine which was left in a barrel for too long became sour!