Tortellini with ham

  • Zvijezda offers a tasty and nutritional meal to all those who like to combine the taste of ham with pasta. This will surely thrill them with its rich flavor
  • shelf life: 60 days
  • store at temperature below + 4°C
  • refrigerate after opening and consume within three days

type of package SHIPPING PACKAGE (pcs/box) PRODUCT'S EAN CODE
250 g 6 3858882214322
100 g of the product contains an average of:  
Energy value 1201 kJ/285 kcal
Proteins 13,5 g
Carbohydrates 38,0 g
Fat 7,2 g

Did you know?

  • Food products rich with complex carbohydrates such as tortellini are the basis of the proper nutrition pyramid, meaning that they should be the basis of our nutrition.
  • Did you know that there is the Learned Order of the Tortellini in Bologna, whose members never talk while eating tortellinis until the last of them finishes the meal?