Olives have a high ratio of monounsaturated fatty acids, the so-called oleic acid, iron, copper and dietary fibers, and they are also a good vitamin E source. And vitamin E is the very natural antioxidant which protects our organism from every day stress.

Olives have a rich history and its fruit, oil and leaves were used for both dietary and medical purposes. They are considered to be a miraculous plant mentioned in the Bible and Greek mythology. Long life, resistance and beauty – all that is within the olive fruit. Olives are picked while they are still green and by using different processing methods, we can get black or dark purple olives.Besides the size and shape, olives differ in taste as well, which can be sour or bitter, spicy or sweet. Olives without pits are more used nowadays as well as those filled with peppers or almonds.

It is also interesting to mention that the olive leaf extract is efficient in fighting numerous diseases, such as heart problems, herpes, arthritis, diabetes and many others, and olive leaf tea is known to be an excellent cure for fevers and colds.

Olives are used in cooking in many ways, there are eaten on their own or as addition to certain meals, and they are an integral part of the delicious Mediterranean cooking.
The secret of Zvijezda’s olives is in their unique recipe and carefully controlled production conditions.

Did you know?

That olives in Croatia are mostly used for olive oil production and only a small part is used for the consumer olives production!