Margarine is water-in-oil emulsion gained through the process of mixing and crystallizing liquid seed vegetable oils and firm tropical vegetable fat. New generation margarine is vitamin-enriched, usually with vitamins E, A and D, it doesn’t contain cholesterol nor trans fatty acids, it has an optimal ratio of mono and poly unsaturated fatty acids and it is produced from carefully selected, high quality materials.
Margarine, as we know it today, has gone through many changes from the times it was originally produced back in 1869. And the changes are always led with the idea of making a better and healthier product. And that is how various types of margarines with different purposes and features have been produced; firmer ones meant for various dishes and pastries as well as margarine spreads, vitamins-enriched and with a smaller or larger fat ratio. Margarine was once produced by partially firming the vegetable oil. That procedure has generated a production of a small portion of unwanted trans fatty acids but that small part was sufficient for margarine to be given, without justification, a negative nutritionist characteristic.
What are actually trans fatty acids? Unsaturated fatty acids in the so-called trans form or trans fatty acids are naturally found in food which contains animal origin fat and, in the processed food industry, they are gained through the process of firming vegetable oil until it becomes firm fat. They are lately more and more connected to the increase of heart and blood system disease risk.
The more thorough scientific findings on trans fatty acids and fat in general were, the bigger was the progress in improving the margarine ingredients features. Relying on the latest findings and scientifically proven claims, new processes and new materials were introduced into the margarine production technology. That is how the so-called “zero trans” margarine came to being.
Modern margarines such as the ones produced by Zvijezda, completely meet the current high nutritionist criteria. Zvijezda margarines for the preparation of dishes and pastry, Margo and Omegol spreads with an optimal fat composition, various tastes and functional benefits offer a choice for everyone.

Fat is not the enemy
Fat is an integral part of proper nutrition. In order to meet his or her nutritive and energy needs, an adult must ensure 20-30% of daily energy input in the form of fat; 45-65% should be carbohydrates and 20-35% proteins. The fat ratio among children amounts up to 40%.

Fat serves the purpose of energy sources, it protects the organism from sudden change in temperature, it enters the composition of all cell membranes and, according to the most recent studies, their input enables better development of the mental and eye functions and it reduces the occurrence of allergies.
Without fat there is no vitamin A, D, E or K absorption and the organism simply wouldn’t survive without the valuable fatty acids. Taking care of our health and ensuring a longer and more quality life is no longer just a trend.
The consumers want to know what they are eating, they are interested in the fatty acids composition, whether the product is vitamin-enriched and what are the effects on health. Consciousness about nutrition is a great request directed towards the food producers.
Carefully read the declaration which is an ID card of every Zvijezda product.