Tortellini 4 cheeses

Tortellini made of fresh pasta dough filled with cheese

Tortellini 4 cheeses are filled with the finest ricotta, emmental, gouda and parmesan for a rich cheesy flavor in every bite. With its rich filling, you can combine this juicy dish with a variety of sauces that will further intensify the flavors of the cheeses. Zvijezda’s tortellini are easy to prepare – they require only 10 minutes of boiling in hot water and the meal is finished.

  • Tortellini with a rich cheesy flavor
  • Packaging: 250g
  • Storing conditions: at temperatures up to 6°C; refrigerate after opening and use within 3 days


Energija 1179 kJ/ 279 kcal

5,8 g
od kojih

Zasićene masne kiseline 3,3 g

43,1 g
od toga

Šećeri 1,7 g

Sol 1,2 g

Bjelančevine 12,4 g


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