Quality and environment

Zvijezda’s primary goal is to meet consumers’ and buyers’ everyday needs for products they manufacture, respecting legal regulations, ensuring product quality and protecting living and working environments.

Zvijezda’s permanent task and strategic commitment is to constantly improve business and technological processes, to continue education on all levels and further develop abilities that ensure market domination and satisfaction among employees.

By adapting new technologies and following nutritional and health trends, it is our goal to ensure top quality, “premium” products and impeccable services on the market, through rational use of materials, energy consumption and effective waste disposal.

Zvijezda’s permanent orientation is to further develop comparative advantages and maintain existing ones, with the objective of ensuring profitable growth and reinforcing the company as a leader on target markets to the satisfaction of shareholders, employees and the Board of directors.


Environmental protection

Zvijezda’s business policy and all developmental plans and projects contain environmental demands of living and working environments within the framework of sustainable growth. Our relationship towards the environment includes:
  • constant monitoring and adapting in accordance with legal regulations of the Republic of Croatia and EU
  • determining significant aspects and influences on the environment and their regular analysis
  • setting up objectives and environmental protection programs
Through Zvijezda’s participation in the project of introducing cleaner production into the national economy of the Republic of Croatia,  a way of thinking was formed and employees were educated in the methodology of cleaner production based on prevention of waste production and reducing emissions at the source.

The objective of introducing new technologies is to reduce negative effects on the environment and to reduce emission of waste material into the water, soil and air. Optimization of energy consumption and natural resources is constantly worked on, as well rational use of materials. Elimination of toxic and dangerous materials is taken into account wherever that is possible by replacing them with materials less harmful for the environment and human health. Waste is gathered and registered in an organized way, based on type and place of origin, and it is handled in a responsible manner.

Zvijezda is proving its commitment to manage and preserve the environment, to take care of employees and cooperate with the community, which places us in the group of socially responsible companies.