Basic information

Company ZVIJEZDA d.d., joint-stock company for production, trade and services
Shortened name ZVIJEZDA d.d.
Headquarters and address Zagreb, Marijana Čavića 1
Scope of operation Production of refined oils and fat
Legal form Joint-stock company
Company director Teo Vujčić
Tax number (MB) 3280659
Company registration number (MBS) 080001822
Court registry Commercial court in Zagreb
Company's underlying assets 200,514,000.00, not payed in full. 654.217,00 kn was not payed.
Total number of shares 100,257 shares
Nominal value of a share 2,000.00 Kuna
Share trade Zvijezda's shares (ZVZD-R-A) were listed on the Zagreb stock-exchange, public joint-stock company list on July 12, 2001
Gyro account SOCIETE GENERALE- Splitska banka d.d. 2330003-1100325048
Procurator Vesna Kovačević
President of the Supervisory board Ivica Todorić