The quality of products and business activities was confirmed by the introduced Quality Management System in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 norm and its implementation in everyday work. Zvijezda has had the certificate for management system since 1999, and it is under constant supervision by the Bureau Veritas certification company.  Zvijezda guarantees the safety of its products with the introduced HACCP system, integrated into the management system. The control of products, materials and production processes is implemented in a modernly furnished laboratory and in independent authorized laboratories for analysis of food products. Product quality and safety are ensured with controlled procedures. Harmonizing business activities and production is in accordance with national legal regulations as well as EU regulations and other standards necessary because of continuous expansion into EU member countries, as well as other markets. Apart from the above mentioned certificate, Zvijezda also has the Kosher Certificate for edible vegetable oil and fat, awarded by the Jewish religious community BET ISRAEL in Croatia.

With its long-standing business activities, Zvijezda has created highly appreciated and top quality products awarded with numerous local and international acknowledgments. An acknowledgement which particularly stands out among them is the recognition for products carrying the “Hrvatska kvaliteta” (Croatian quality) symbol whose number is increasing each year. “Hrvatska kvaliteta” (Croatian quality) symbol is a guarantee that the products are of top international quality in their class taking into account all of their features (composition, design, ergonomic criteria, ecological criteria, etc.).


Zvijezda is the owner of a prestigious international “Superior taste award” won in 2007 for its following products: Mediteran oil, Omegol and delicates mayonnaise. Apart from it visual attraction and recognizability, Zvijezda pays a lot of attention to the protective function of product packaging.

Alongside many other awards for design, the “Zlatna jabuka” award received for the packaging of Zvijezda salads (a practical and functional packaging with a small spoon included) is particularly valuable, as well as the “CroPak” award for the aluminum Zvijezda mayonnaise tubes and the olive oil glass bottle.


Continuous investment in production, safety and buyer satisfaction, an offer of a wide range of healthy and safe foods and keeping up with world trends ensured Zvijezda the most valuable acknowledgement awarded by the consumers. According to the PGM research by the Valicon Company, Zvijezda oil is the no. 1 brand for the third year in a row and it is the most recognizable Croatian brand.